Katie, the girl behind chased by grace, is a twenty-something living in Dripping Springs, a rural suburb of Austin, Texas, with her husband and two rescue dogs.

She’s been a Christian for years but never really committed until the summer of 2016, when an intimate evening worship service and a book called Wild and Free bust her heart open. She felt led to start reading the Bible on her own for the first time, and — though she’s not and never will be a perfect Christian — she is slowly being transformed. Read welcome // my testimony to learn more of the story.

Likes: real conversation, hot tea, sunny days, puppy snuggles, wordsmithery, challenging preconceived notions, living wild and free.

Dislikes: Christianese, comma splices, paying full price, jellyfish (are we sure they’re God’s creatures?), anyone pretending like they have it all figured out.

She and her husband attend and are community group leaders at Riverbend Church.