author of creation (literally)


Over the years, I’ve returned again and again to a question: How can God possibly care about little old me? Of the billions of people on this planet, there are so many who are more faithful, serve more, study more, pray more. How can I even be a blip on his very crowded radar?

And then I happened upon a new way of thinking about God.

Picture an author. Maybe he’s sitting in front of a computer with a cup of steaming coffee or curled up on a couch with a fancy fountain pen. Maybe he’s in a cabin in the woods, or maybe in a high-rise apartment in a big city, or maybe he’s here in your living room.

Whatever this literary figment of your imagination looks like, there are two key characteristics authors share with God that can help us better understand how we play a role in God’s plan.

God cares deeply about all of his creation because he created them.

An author cares deeply about all of his characters. The main characters play a bigger role in the stories he weaves, yes, but no story is complete without supporting characters. They are equally important and equally complex in the author’s mind, even if their full stories don’t come through on the page.

Geeky aside: I listened to this interview with J.K. Rowling while preparing Thanksgiving goodies. About halfway through you get some great insight into how she thinks about her characters and how fully she developed them, even beyond the “main” characters.

Think about Harry Potter for a second. Sure, the books aren’t really about Professor McGonagall or Stan Shunpike or Justin Finch-Fletchley or Cornelius Fudge. But the plot would have been radically different without them. They are all Rowling’s creations and all critical to the story.

Likewise, you are God’s top priority as his beloved creation. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing (or what they make it seem like they’re doing). God’s focus is on all of us. 

This is the big one: God has time for you because he is outside of time.

An author is not beholden to the minutes and hours and days that pass in his stories. He can linger over special or challenging moments, jump ahead to future chapters, jump back to ponder what he’s already written. He can develop new traits or memories for his characters before or after a scene is written. And he can rewrite scenes. The characters keep moving forward in their plot, but the author is free from that constraint.

Your life is constantly moving forward, but God is the past, present, and future. He has more than 24 hours in a day, and so he has infinite time for each soul he created.


God is called the author of peace, author of life, author of creation. I think that wording is just a coincidence. It means author in the sense of creator. But author in the literal sense? That’s a new and, for me, encouraging way of understanding of God.

Through this lens, I find much greater comfort in scripture about his concern for us. “Cast all your anxiety on him, for he cares for you” rings a lot more true from this perspective. He created us, he knows us deeply (even the parts others don’t see), and he loves us deeply.

God is writing a story, and he created you specially for the role he’s put you in. Let him tell it.

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